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QuestionWho is the target audience for Next Chapter Kansas City?
Answer: Next Chapter Kansas City is directed at baby boomers and adults already in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond who are interested in exploring life options, meaningful engagement through work and service, and continued learning.

Question:  Where are Next Chapter KC events held?
Answer:  Events are held in various locations primarily throughout Wyandotte County.  Some are hosted by Next Chapter KC Partner Organizations.  Check the listing of the specific event that interests you on the website for details.  E-newsletters will also carry this information.

QuestionWhere did the idea of Next Chapter programs originate?
Answer:  Next Chapter programs are the brainchild of Civic Ventures, Inc., a national think tank which began in 1998 and focuses on Boomers, work, and social purpose.  In the past few years, Civic Ventures has become particularly interested in Encore Careers.

QuestionWhat is an Encore Career?
Answer:  An “Encore Career” is a term used to describe work in the second half of life that combines continued income, greater meaning, and social impact.  It is based on a person’s passions and interests, and addresses significant community problems. 

Question:  What do Next Chapter programs offer?
Answer: Next Chapter programs offer adults four key components as defined by Civic Ventures, Inc.:

  • life planning programs – helps individuals assess their status and strengths, explore future possibilities, and set goals
  • meaningful engagement through work and service – opportunities to take on public service roles, through paid work and volunteer service, including Encore Careers.
  • continued learning for new directions – learning options to enrich their lives and retool for new careers
  • peer and community connections – places and programs to connect with people of all ages in their community.

Question: How does Next Chapter Kansas City choose what activities it will provide?

Answer:  Next Chapter KC activities are based on the findings and recommendations of the Wyandotte County Boomer Survey, input from Next Chapter participants, topics proposed by our Partner Organizations, and the guidelines set forth by Civic Ventures for Next Chapter programs. If you have suggestions for program ideas for Next Chapter KC, please contact us and share your idea.

Question I would like to receive the Next Chapter Kansas City e-newsletter?  How do I sign up?
AnswerContact us and provide your name and contact information.  In the message area of the contact form, indicate you would like to sign up for the e-newsletter. 

Question:  Is there a fee to participate in Next Chapter KC programs?
Answer:  Some events have a fee, others do not, and still others may ask for donations when you attend.  Check the listing of the specific program that interests you for details.

Question: How do I make a contribution to Next Chapter Kansas City?
Answer:  Next Chapter Kansas City is a community collaborative and works through its ten Partner Organizations. Shepherd’s Center of Kansas City, Kansas is the Lead Agency.  Contributions can be made out to Shepherd’s Center of Kansas City, Kansas with a notation that the gift is designated for Next Chapter Kansas City.

Other Questions: Feel free to contact us to ask for additional information, to make suggestions, or to volunteer.  Call the office at (913) 281-8908 and ask for Karen Hostetler, Next Chapter KC director, or send an email to

Print Resources

Recommended Books

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Online Resources

Become a Facebook friend of Next Chapter Kansas City in which articles, studies, and events are posted on an ongoing basis. is for people interested in encore careers – jobs that combine personal meaning, continued income and social impact. The site is published by Civic Ventures, a nonprofit think tank on boomers, work and social purpose.

SunAmerica Retirement Re-Set Study: This is the first major study of its kind to specifically assess the impact of the recession on America’s mindset, family dynamics, lifestyle expectations and financial planning for retirement. The survey was conducted in April, 2011.


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